What's the difference between G+G Glass & G+F Glass?

As we all know, the aftermarket screens in the market are using G+F or G+G glass these two kinds of front glasses. Today let's show you what they really are.

When talking about G+G or G+F, it refers to one kind of technology that is used to make touch panel. Here is how it looks like.

There is a tiny difference in thickness. The G+G glass is a little thicker. What cause this? As we said, G+F glass is made by glass and film, while G+G is by the glass with glass. The difficulty of technology on manufacturing G+F glass is also harder than G+G's. And the cost is a little higher as well.

For G+F glass, the touch is on the film. So if the glass is cracked, the touch function will not work. While G+G glass's touch is on the flex, even the glass is cracked, only if the flex is not damaged, the touch function can still work.

Ordinary small laminating factories are not able to produce these two kinds of glasses. Only the factories who have the ability to develop the scheme can do that. Because a glass produced by Touch Panel Factory needs to be compatible with China Made LCD that made by LCD module factory.

G+F glass is used to be manufactured with full view polarizer(which enable you to see the screen with polarized sunglasses). On theory, G+G glass can be assembled with full view polarizer but need very high technological requirement. No factory manufactures this in the market.

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