What is Yodoit Screen?

With years of development in this industry, Iceagle knows how important quality and service are to our customers. That’s why we built our research team that is composed of talented and experienced scheme developers and engineers working with our factory to manufacture our own brand Yodoit screen for customers, by controlling the quality from the raw material selection to assembling in origin. Yodoit screen makes everything you expected.


The structure of the screen can be simply divided into front glass + touch plate with touch flex + top polarizer + LCD with LCD flex cable + bottom polarizer + backlight module + frame. The front glass is to protect the internal structure, while the touch panel senses and responses to the “touch” on the screen. Besides, the polarizer plays a role in filtering. Without polarizer, the LCD will be no display; The polarizer and the LCD work together to get the image display; The backlight is responsible for illuminating which makes the image of the liquid crystal layer to be presented, and the liquid crystal is a non-illuminating display device, which requires a backlight to achieve the display function.

The scheme, material selection and assembling technique, will affect the final display, appearance, quality stability and life of the screen. With years of industry experiences and research, Iceagle has been professional with the whole process, from how to select the materials to how to effectively manage the entire production, which provides the basic conditions and guarantees for an excellent screen.

Front Glass

"Yodoit" LCD screen has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards, but unlike any LCD screen, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results while using it. The glass is produced using high-quality oleophobic coating, with good light transmission and hydrophobic oleophobicity, giving it the ability to resist fingerprint marks while trying to wipe the dust away from its surface.


When designing a Liquid Crystal Display, including character, graphics, and segment displays, an LCD display polarizer needs to be selected that will optimize the ambient lighting conditions the display will operate in for better display. Yodoit uses the Samsung full-view¹ polarizer, which is thinner than others in the market, moreover, with the advantage of anti-static² and anti-glare³ properties.


With the latest trend in LCD production technology, TIANMA LCD as compared with other displays is more penetrating with no distortion and color change from different angles although it has some further advantages like high resolution, strong resistance to temperature change vibrations. TIANMA LCD is widely applied by bigger cellphones brands like Huawei, Lenovo, Asus, and other brands.
The following are data gotten from TIANMA LCD.

1. Full view: The display color will not change no matter which angle you view the screen from.
2. Anti-static: it can weaken the effect of static, to avoid affecting the screen touch function.
3. Anti-glare: An anti-glare polarizer can reflect softer light when strong illumination is applied to the screen, so that users will not feel dizzy.


Backlight today are considerably thinner and more efficient. Yodoit improved LCD screens come with ESR (Enhanced Specular Reflector) which utilizes multi-layer optical film technology to create a highly efficient and specular reflector, which can be used with backlight light guide plate to reduce light loss during reflection and have a brighter and more efficient display.

Wide Color Gamut avoids the defects caused by low color gamut, such as distortion, color cast, etc. Thanks to Wide Colors Gamut, it results in more vivid and vibrant colors, giving the ability to fit the customer's eye lens better. Typically, these Wide Color gamut support displays are capable of showing more colors than the usual sRGB display which would be resulting in an even more accurate representation of colors.

3D Force Touch

Force Touch is a technology developed by Apple that enables trackpads and touch screens to distinguish between various levels of force being applied to their surfaces. It is functioned through the force.
With several defining innovations that have changed the way we look at technologies, Force Touch distinguishes between different levels of force applied to the device. Using Force Touch technology, users are able to carry out certain tasks quickly. As  for instance, you can force click reminders and dates to expand them and be able to perform more actions. developed by Apple, it enables trackpads and touch screens functionality.
To achieve true 3D Force Touch experience, Yodoit uses entire 3D film. However, the fake 3D force touch that only has a slim flex cable, which is widely used in the other brands of the current aftermarket screens, is not working through the force  but the software. The way to achieve 3D touch functionality between fake and entire 3D film(original) is different, the picture below gives a better understanding of their differences.

FPC Connectors

FPC Connectors essentially play an important role on the stability of the screen. If with several improper installation and reconnections, the copy FPC connectors are easy to cause touch problem or home button not to function properly. To avoid these and ensure its stable working, Yodoit is using original FPC connectors, including LCD FPC connector, touch FPC connector and 3D FPC connector.

LCD Flex Cable

Iceagel's continuous efforts in pursuit of quality products and our next-to-zero- malfunction, based on this analysis of the current aftermarket screens, it is observed that the LCD flex cable of some screens gets damaged easily. This inspired Iceagle over the years to seek better solutions in creating excellent screens, creating a three- layer LCD flex cable, which is tougher and more durable than the normal flex cable.

LCD IC & IC Component Metal Cover

There has been a challenging problem with customers bothered about the way  the ic and ic component are a little larger than the original size. This abnormality in size may hurt the LCD causing an abnormal display on the screen. However, it is challenging to replace the IC. With intensive research and the use of modern technology Iceagle has successfully overcome this problem by making the same size as the original without affecting the functionality and stability.


Using common frames on the market is not suitable for our custom premium screen Yodoit. Due to the components we use when producing our screens, we created a customized frame with better quality that fits the screen properly.

Brightness & Color Temperature

The following picture shows the brightness and color temperature data obtained by extracting nine positions from the screen between the original one and Yodoit, respectively. The red mark is the average data of the overall screen.

Screen Thickness

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