How Much Do You Know about Cell Phone Tempered Glass

Generally, the hardness of common cell phone screen protectors is not less than 3H and the hardness of glass protectors is 6H, while the tempered glasses is up to 9H.


The tempered glass is an American newly-released cell phone screen protector in 2012. Up to now, it has been the best and high-end screen protector.


Although the thickness is only 0.4mm, it can fully cover cell phone screen and protect the screen from being damaged. Its shock absorption is 5 times than that of PET protector. On the base of this, the newly released anti blue-ray tempered glass is not only protect cell phone screen, but also protect eyes from the cell phone blue ray.



The raw material for tempered glass: AB glue


What exactly is AB glue? Tempered glass is not like the common screen protector. It cannot attach to cell phone screen through static electricity. It will use a kind of thin flexible double-sided adhesive which called AB glue to attach to the screen.


AB glue is also called 2-component epoxy adhesive, one is basic glue and the other is hardening agent. The glue can be hardened in common temperature only by mixing these 2 components.






The thickness of the tempered glass


In the current market, it is available to find these four thicknesses of tempered glasses: 0.4mm、0.33mm、0.2mm、0.15mm. But these are only the thicknesses of the glass raw materials. Plus AB blue the tempered glass is at least 0.235 mm. So keep in mind that the mark in the current market for a tempered glass is only the thickness of the raw material.


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