Do you know how to select better cell phone LCD screen?

There are several factors to decide the quality of a LCD screen, such as raw material, production environment and so on. Today I would like to introduce some production technology, GFF, GG, OGS, INCELL, ONCELL. Have you heard of that?


G+G (glass lens+ glass sensor): Only one glass sensor, ITO glass in rhombus structure to support touch in multiple points.

G+F+F(cover glass+ film sensor+ film sensor):Two layers film sensors, ITO glass in rhombus structure to support touching in multiple points.

OGS (one glass solution): Laminate touch screen and glass into one piece. The glass is plated with ITO conductive layer and people directly make coating and photo etch on the glass. This LCD screen will be thinner and cheaper.

In-Cell: Touch panel with sensor ITO under color filter glass.

On-Cell: Touch panel with sensor ITO between polarizer and color filter glass. This technology is much easier than in-cell technology.



In summary, as for incell and oncell, the technology are newly developed and in high cost. They are not stable in performances. GFF is low in optical effect and sensitivity. OGS adopts simple only one lamination so that it will cause security problems.

Firstly, compared to other technologies, G+G currently is the widely used and the most stable technology in China, and lower in prices. That’s why DBX chooses G+G technology as the current plan. But we are still making researches on OGS, INCELL and ONCELL with our suppliers, and will adopt these when the technology gets more mature.

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