Sostituzione della batteria per Apple iPhone 5S/5C Li-ion 2200mAh ad alta capacità


Descrizione del prodotto

  • Sostituzione della batteria di alta qualità per il tuo iPhone 5S/5C
  • Ogni testato prima della spedizione e accurato imballaggio.
  • Chimica della batteria: Ioni di litio (Li-Ion)
  • Modello compatibile: solo per iPhone 5S/5C
  • Capacità della batteria: 2200 mAh
  • Doppia protezione IC
  • Protezione da sovraccarico
  • Utilizza la più recente tecnologia delle batterie agli ioni di litio.
  • Strumenti e adesivo inclusi gratuitamente.

L'imballaggio include

  • 1 x batteria per iPhone 5S / 5C
  • 1 x strumenti

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Curt Bode

The replacement has been completed. 1 Chime. It's not related to battery authentication, so it's in the setting. Only the genuine and the letter definition are wrong, and the method is the same.

Donald Stracke

It took a long time to arrive but arrived, everything is fine with my order, I have already installed it and it is working perfectly, I recommend...

Ashly Jerde

It is already the second time that I buy in this store and everything went well. Can buy without fear, arrived at RJ in less than 15 days. I will definitely buy more times.

Dasia Steuber

At the moment everything perfect, it arrived like in a month and the percentage of battery is shown, I still do not know how long the battery will last…

Kevon Pouros

The battery came out without a follow-up order so he thought the order had been lost, but it arrived a month and a week. The battery is according to the seller and arrived at a loading 54%. The battery is not recognized by the iphone so it is beyond monitoring. I hope it lasts.

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