Men Are iPhone Pro, Women Are iPhone Plus

[Men Prefer Pro Model, Women Prefer Standard Model] According to a report released Wednesday by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), U.S. male users prefer the iPhone Pro model; while U.S. female users prefer the iPhone Plus model. type.

The full title of the report is <Men Are iPhone Pro, Women Are iPhone Plus>, written by two experts from the agency, Michael Levin and Josh Lowitz.

The report examines who will buy an iPhone during 2022 and breaks it down by gender. IT House learned from the report that 41% of American men will buy an iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max or 14 Pro/Pro Max in 2022, compared to 33% of women.

The report pointed out that 12% of female customers bought an iPhone 14 or 14 Plus, compared with 8% of male customers. For the oldest older model, 11% of female customers purchased an older iPhone 11 compared to 7% of male customers.

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