iPhone 12 battery draining fast?

Here we share how to fix iPhone 12 batteries and extend battery life.

Do you often find that your iPhone 12 battery is running out before the end of the day? This article can help you solve the problem of iPhone 12 battery. let's dive in.

Repair iPhone 12 battery life problem

Is your iPhone 12 battery consume quick? These iPhone 12 battery skills will help you save your battery life for a whole day.

Before we enter the short-term approach to increasing the life of the iPhone 12, it is important to know what you can do to extend batteries life.

When using iPhone12, avoid exposing the iPhone12 in a high temperature and low temperature environment.

Reduce the battery in a 100% or 0% charging state, because the extremely high and lower "charging state" cause pressure on the battery.

Avoid using the "Fast Charger" to charge the iPhone, although convenient, but more quickly reduces the performance of the iPhone12 battery more quickly.

If you want the iPhone12 battery more durable, you can change some settings, turn off some features to save power.

Remove unwanted APP from the home screen

This is because APP (such as weather or news) will continue to refresh data to provide you with the latest information. This has an impact on the battery.

Delete App: Long press it and select "Delete App"> "Delete".

Use dark mode

Dark pattern (or even up to 30%) extend the battery life of the iPhone 12.

Start Settings Applications, then click Display and Brightness.

Tip: You can also press the vertical luminance slider in the control center to enable dark mode. You can even make SIRI to enable or disable dark mode.

Adjust the screen brightness

Today, the smartphone display becomes brighter, but the iphone 12 battery life is consumed. You can adjust the screen to save the battery.

Close positioning service

Location Services is helpful to "Map" or "Finding My" and other applications, but these GPS signals may cause iPhone 12 batteries to be exhausted. With "Settings> Privacy"> "Location Service" fully shut down the location service, your phone will stop providing positioning data to these services.

However, this will stop working in many useful applications. Your weather app will not know where you get the latest forecast and you will not be able to ask the Google according to your current location. Therefore, Apple provides options for customizing most applications using location data.

Reduce notice

If your screen illuminates the preview of each notification you receive, each text, an emergency news alert or Twitter will consume a lot of power. Reduce these interrupts can extend the battery life of the iPhone 12.

Close Bluetooth and AirdroP

Bluetooth and AirdroP are constantly seeking to connect, in this process, your iPhone battery will consume. Turning off Bluetooth and Airdrop can effectively reduce battery consumption.

Turn off automatic application update

Keeping your applications and operating system up to date is a good choice. Some updates can help your application run faster and more smoothly, reducing the processing power required to get it running properly.

Starting from iOS 7, Apple supports automatic application updates, which means that when applying updates, your phone will install it in the background, so that you always maintain the latest state. However, this process may cause your iPhone 12 battery quick exhaustion.

Hope these suggestions above could help with your phone battery life.

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