iPhone pop-up prompt to enter an Apple ID account password?

Some iPhone users may encounter such a problem when using their mobile phone: they have logged in to Apple ID in Apple mobile phone settings, but suddenly pop-up prompts often appear to enter Apple ID and password. Sometimes they pop up nearly ten times a day, which affects their normal use. How to solve this problem? You can try the following methods:


  1. Check the time and date setting of the iPhone:

Open iPhone Settings - Universal - Date and Time, make sure your date, time, and time zone settings are correct.


  1. Open Double Certification:

If you have not turned on dual authentication for the Apple ID, you can try to open "two-factor authentication" in the iPhone setting -Apple ID-password and security.

Once this feature is turned on, you can only access your own account on a trusted device or web page, but also provide additional protection for the Apple ID.


If the above 2 steps have not been resolved, you can continue to try:


  1. Exit Apple ID and log in:

Tap -apple ID, log out your Apple ID and log in.


Note: When exiting the Apple ID, the iPhone will preserve the data in the device's related options, if you want to keep the data on the iPhone, please select according to the prompt.


  1. Update the system to the latest version:

Try updating the iOS system to the latest state to see if you can solve the problem.


It should be noted that if your device is experiencing the test version, there may be similar problems due to the instability of the beta version. If it affects normal use, it is recommended to return to the official version.

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