Quality Control - REWA


As one of the most professional electronics aftermarket solution providers in wireless repair industry, REWA has been dedicating itself to benchmarking the industry quality control. Every screen from REWA is 100% strictly tested by our specialized QC team. This is our promise for customers and we are confident with our products, because we take "Quality Above All" as our producing and testing principle all the time.
Strict Quality Control Standard
6 Quality Classification
Original and New from OEM factory.
Original materials and assembled by 3rd-Party factory.
Original but Used already, torn down from used/new devices.
Mixed Original and Compatible materials and assembled by 3rd-Party factory.
Refurbished New from Original Used parts by replacing, cleaning, oxidation, polishing, etc. procedures.
Compatible materials and assembled by 3rd-Party factory.
4 Quality Control Levels
Highest on the market, such as operator/refurbishing factory
Quality oriented above average, such as chain store/insurance company
Average and good enough to use, such as repair shop/distributor
Price oriented below average, such as most needs from some stores with cost-effective demands
CERTIFIED Products Come From Strict Quality Control Process
LCD Screen Inspection & Testing DEMO
Sampling Test
Complete Test
① Cosmetic Inspection
● Check whether the surface of glass lens damaged or off paint, etc.
● Check whether front bezel debonding, damaged, screw hole
blocked, etc.
● Check whether flex cable broken or damaged.
● Check whether backlight adhesion normal or not.
● Check hydrophobic effect with water, alcohol, and N-hexane.
② Function&Display Test
● Test touch function by pulling up and down, switching page,
moving icons.
● Test 3D Touch function and sensitivity.
● Check whether the pure color screens normal or not.
● Check whether the screen turns black under polarizer.
● Test Color Coordinates & Brightness with Color Analyzer CA310.
③ Structure Test
● Measure thickness, width and length.
● Check whether LCD metal plate well matched or screw hole
well aligned.
● Check screen fitness with iPhone housing after installation.
● Check whether function normal or not after installation.
● Check whether light leaked or backlight conflicted with LCD
Touch ID function test.
④ Vibration Test
● Electromagnetic Vibration Test (Amplitude: 2mm, Frequency: 50HZ, Time:1H).
⑤ Aging Test
● Dynamic Test (condition: +45℃; play video for 2Hrs ).
● Static Cycle Test (condition: -20℃/2Hrs, +55℃55%RH/2Hrs, +55℃/4Hrs).