Preview of Apple's 2021 Autumn launch event

Apple has sent out invitations to its next special event, widely thought to be for the launch of the new iPhone, a new iPad mini and Apple Watch Series 7.

Simply titled California streaming - a pun on California Dreamin' perhaps? - the event looks to follow the format of recent Apple launches, offering an online stream rather than an in-person event.

The broadcast will take place on 14 September at 10am Pacific time and finally gives us an event to pin all the latest rumour to.

The next generation of the iPhone is expected. It's currently unknown whether it will be called iPhone 12S (which it should be) or iPhone 13. Pundits are divided on whether Apple will use the S moniker or use 13 at all, considering that it's unlucky for some.

The new iPhone is expected to shift up the screen technology, offering a faster 120Hz ProMotion display with adaptive refresh rate, while rumours also suggest that the notch will shrink too.

It's about time, to be fair.

The camera could get an overhaul and the introduction of a new generation of hardware powering the phone will setup the next year of Apple devices.

The Apple Watch Series 7 could shift design to be more squared like the current generation of iPhone models, and there could be more enhanced sensors packed into it for a new range of functionality.

The iPad mini hasn't been refreshed for some time, so an update to the smaller model that Apple offers would be welcomed.

There's likely to be a lot more packed into the event, an expansion of services, more talk about connectivity between home devices, confirmation of the iOS 15 roll-out and a lot more.

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