iPhone 14 order delays — here’s the latest delivery times

The current waiting times for all the iPhone 14 models

The iPhone 14 is here, but it may not arrive at your door for quite a few weeks yet.

The fact that the iPhone 14, particularly the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, are selling well is not a shock. But what may be an unpleasant surprise is that if you order now, you could be waiting for over a month to get your phone. And while the iPhone 14 Plus has yet to go on sale, there's a good chance it will see its own shipping dates delayed too.

If you've not placed your iPhone 14 order yet, and are wondering just when you can expect an iPhone to drop through your letterbox, we've collected the latest shipping data from Apple's own website here.

That way you can figure out when it's best to stay at home in case of delivery, or if it will make it in time for an important date like someone's birthday or your next holiday.

As it stands, it looks like pretty much every version of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is now on backorder until October or early November. It doesn't matter which color you pick, or how much storage you spec, you're going to be waiting at least a month for a new Pro iPhone, and perhaps as long as six weeks if you want the bigger iPhone 14 Pro Max variant.

iPhone 14 delivery date: Apple Store

The good news is that ordering the regular iPhone 14 won't be an issue. You can order one now and have it arrive on Friday, or today if you live in the right area and are willing to pay extra postage.

The iPhone 14 Plus is on sale as of 10/7, but if you're buying now, you'll have to wait the best part of a week before it arrives.

Meanwhile, the Pro models will keep you waiting until the early or mid-November if you buy one now. If things don't improve soon, you'll be needing to put in your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max orders now if you want to guarantee delivery before the holidays.


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