AirPods Pro 2 iFixit teardown: You break it, you buy it… again

In the last teardown video of Apple’s Far Out event announcements, iFixit has now dissembled the brand-new AirPods Pro 2. Three years after the first AirPods Pro was announced, was Apple able to make this second generation a little bit more repairable? Er… no.

iFixit’s video shows how much you should take care of your AirPods Pro 2. They aren’t fixable at all. Once you open one of the earbuds, forget it. If you need to open the MagSafe case, it will never be the same again, but, to be honest, do not open the MagSafe case as it holds a battery inside.

iFixit brings a short three-minute video showing how AirPods Pro 2 look from the inside, and since they aren’t repairable at all, the site focuses on the e-waste side of it.

With Apple’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2030, it doesn’t seem plausible for the company to keep releasing unrepairable products. iFixit writes:

Apple’s AirPods are the most popular earbuds in the world—they are also among the most unfixable. With the AirPods Pro 2, the flagship line gets a boost, in all arenas, apparently, except the environment. Personalized spatial audio can give you a great sound experience, but can it mute the guilt from wearing unrepairable future-e-waste? With its new pods, could Apple finally be thinking different?

AirPods Pro 2 bring improved Active Noise Cancelling capabilities, a new Adaptive Transparency mode, better sound quality, Bluetooth 5.3 support, and a more useful MagSafe charging case that now features a U1 chip with Find My integration, a built-in speaker, and a lanyard loophole.

This product has been praised by reviewers, but it’s once again important to remember that AirPods Pro 2 are completely unrepairable, so if you break them, you buy them… again.

Take a look at iFixit’s video and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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