Apple's new patent for foldable mobile phones: automatically folds to protect the screen when dropped

On March 17th, according to the latest list published by the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), Apple has obtained a new patent on foldable mobile phones. Fold the screen to minimize screen damage.

The new patent is titled "Self-retracting display device and technology using drop detection to protect the screen", and part of the patent description reads as follows:

Mobile devices with foldable and rollable displays can use sensors to detect vertical acceleration (for example, relative to the ground) to determine if the device has been dropped.

If sensors detect that the mobile device has been dropped, the foldable device could retract at least partially to prevent the fragile display from hitting the ground.

A release mechanism of the hinged connection between the first display and the second display of the electronic device may be activated when the vertical acceleration exceeds a predetermined threshold. The reel device retracts automatically.

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