Apple announces another event, called 'Unleashed'

Apple officially announced that it will hold an online new product launch at 10 a.m. Pacific time on October 18th. The technology giant with the world's largest market value also set the theme of this conference as "Unleashed".

It is worth mentioning that the latest news from Apple also makes the tech circle more exciting in the first two days of next week. In addition to Apple, Google will also host a large Pixel event next Tuesday, local time. As for whether it will be robbed of the limelight by Apple's "explosion field", it still depends on the specific products launched.

Comprehensive market rumors, more credible speculations include that Apple will disclose the latest 14/16-inch MacBook Pro at the October press conference. The focus is naturally to continue to promote the self-developed M1 chip to cover the entire product line. According to a report by Bloomberg Technology reporter Mark Gurman, the latest Apple high-end notebook product line will use the high-end version of the M1 chip (M1X), which will not only increase the number of cores to 10 cores (8 high-performance cores and 2 low-power cores), graphics processing The processor will also be upgraded to 16-core/32-core.

In addition to the chip upgrade, the new MacBook Pro will also adopt a new shape design. In addition to the MagSafe magnetic charging interface, the previously cancelled HDMI interface is also expected to return. In addition to the MacBook Pro, the market expects that the Mac Mini product line will also launch a version equipped with the M1X chip and equipped with more interfaces.

Outside the Mac product line, the new AirPods, which have been rumored for a long time but did not appear at the September conference, are likely to debut in October. According to market rumors, the appearance design of AirPods 3 will be changed to be similar to AirPods Pro (from semi-in-ear to in-ear), and the charging box will also be redesigned.


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