What should I do if iPhone does not update iOS 15?

If you have problems with IOS 15 upgrade on Apple mobile devices, you can refer to the following information to try to resolve:

1.did not receive update push:

Please make sure the device supports update to iOS 15

Check if there is a beta description file: User to upgrade to the beta beta version, you need to go to "Set" - "General", tap "Description Files and Device Management", remove the test version of the file, then restart the device, and then "software Update to check the update.

2.If there is insufficient space, you cannot update:

If there is not enough space to download and install updates, the software on your device will try to take a space. It only removes any data that can be downloaded and will not remove or replace any of your data.

However, it should be noted that if the storage space is full, it is very easy to appear "white apple" problem during the upgrade process, resulting in data loss. To avoid this accident, make sure your device has enough storage space.

You can remove the contents and apps that are not used on the device to make a space for updates. You can view the "Settings" - "General" - "[Device Name] Storage Space" to view.

3.if the download update is used too long:

You need to connect to the internet to update your device. Download updated due to update size and network speed. You can use the device normally when you download updates, and then the device will notify you when you can install updates. To improve the download speed, avoid downloading other content and use the Wi-Fi network as much as possible.

4.Tips Unable to connect to the update server or cannot verify updates:

When you try to update your device, you may see a message below: "You can't check the update. Check if the software is updated." Or "You cannot install updates. You need to access the network to update."

The above prompt appears, try to update your device again using the same network. If you still see some information above, try using other networks to update your device, or update your device through the 3utools. If you try to use multiple networks to update the problem and the problem still happens, remove this update or try to re-download and install.

5.if the update cannot be completed

When installing updates, the progress bar may move slowly. The finish time depands on the size and the number of files on the device. To update by wireless, make sure your device is always connected to the power supply.

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