Apple's iOS 15 is officially out with a new notification interface, weather, photos, and wallet improvements

In the early hours of this morning, Apple officially unveiled its new iOS 15 software at its WWDC21 Worldwide Developer Conference.


In iOS 15, Apple introduced a new FaceTime and notifications interface, as well as improvements to apps such as photos, weather, wallet and maps.


The new FaceTime will bring spatial audio technology to live video calls, with multiple microphones and internal audio processing algorithms that allow video calls to have a more realistic sound field.

FaceTime also features a "voice enhancement mode" that uses algorithms to block out background noise and get clear human voices even in noisy environments.

The new FaceTime will support automatic facial beauty in videos, as well as in multiple videos, similar to taking photos with a camera.

In the new FaceTime, users can create exclusive links for video calls and share them to chats, calendars, and emails. Not only that, but the link can also be opened through a computer browser, as well as on Android and Windows devices.

Shareplay allows users to share playing videos, music and shared screens with each other. Apple has partnered with Disney, Hulu, HBO Max, and the NBA to support viewing online resources from those platforms and sharing them with friends when FaceTime videos are made.


IOS 15 has improved the notification feature, bringing a new notification interface with larger contact pictures and App ICONS for easier identification.

Apple has also introduced a notification digest mode for iOS 15. Notification summaries can be sent in batches at a time specified by the user and sorted in order. Notifications from people bypass the digest and are sent immediately, so users don't miss them.

In addition, iOS 15 adds a focus mode that allows you to customize different states, each of which can be set to a different display notification and can be synced with other devices.


Apple has brought live text to the Photos app, which automatically does OCR in the Camera app. The text appears automatically when the user points the camera at it, allowing for free selection, copy and paste. Users can also do this with existing photos.

The feature uses a "deep neural network" to scan photos of the "entire system" and is available in seven languages, including simplified Chinese. At the same time, the feature can also recognize objects and scenes, such as dogs or flowers.


IOS 15 comes with wallet keys that support company badges, hotel room keys and home smart lock keys.


The weather app is also getting a new look, with a high-resolution image of the app and a new background animation that changes depending on the weather.


The map has a global view and a more detailed 3D view of the city, as well as detailed road information to help drivers navigate and more information in the traffic view.

In addition, the map will automatically track the user's route and remind the user when to get off the bus, as well as provide more detailed directions.

Other functions

IOS 15 also supports voice search in Safari, drag and drop across apps, and a new Memoji feature.

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